Dune Flower

18ct Yellow Gold Rose Cut Diamond Ring

This statement ring combines a feminine essence with a bold and organic feel. The large and heavily included rose cut diamond has lively iridescent feather inclusions courtesy of internal cleavage planes and stress fractures. It has been high polish rub over set and a matte hand finish has been applied to both the rest of the chenier setting and the band. The Luca Jouel motif is embossed on either side. The diamond in this ring is one of a kind

Rose cut pear diamond:
The colour of this diamond is very hard to describe. An overall light grey-ish colour is complimented with tones of rust throughout part of the stone as well as iridescent flashes of colour. It is a lively and attractive stone that will have more appeal in reality. Well suited to the individual in demand of something very unique. P3 clarity, approximately 12.65 x 9.05 x 3.80mm

Band: half round, dimensions 3.35 x 1.70mm, flaring to 4.90mm near the setting

Ring size: O

This ring has been sold.