About Tereena

 Tereena Lucas - Owner | Designer of Luca Jouel 

Luca Jouel has been created by Australian gemmologist, Tereena Lucas. Drawing upon her appreciation of the natural world and jewellery from antiquity, Tereena aspires to celebrate a raw and sophisticated beauty. She is attracted to a timeless style and her intention is to create beautiful ethical jewellery. 

“I wish to create beautiful jewellery that speaks to the individual; that is suitable for everyday wear yet intended to be treasured over a long time. I understand and feel it myself that not everyone wants to look like the latest trend, that more happiness can often be found in wearing one’s favourite piece. I am interested in the detail of patterns, the craftsmanship involved in creating heirloom quality jewellery and in evoking a sense of nostalgia.”

Tereena uses harmonious combinations of responsibly sourced diamonds, gemstones and mixed precious metals to create collections that are custom made and finished by the master jewellers she works with. 

The daughter of a retired member of the Royal Australian Air Force and a dressmaker, Tereena was born in Malaysia and raised in both Australia and the United States. Though she entertained pursuing a career in textile or graphic design, she has instead enjoyed two vocational passions, gemmology and naturopathy, which have seen her study and work for years in both occupations. Tereena received her qualifications as a gemmologist, diamond grader, and synthetic, imitation and treated gemstone appraiser while working for a prominent Australian jewellery valuation laboratory where she was responsible for gemstone identification and authentication. She also holds qualifications as a naturopath and received her BSc. in Molecular Biotechnology and BMedSc. in Pathology. 

With the arrival of her twin boys in 2006, Tereena increasingly felt the desire to create. And so her development as a self-taught fine jewellery designer commenced and the idea of Luca Jouel was first conceived in 2010.

Tereena is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia (FGAA).

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