Blau Lila & Blanc Labyrint

18ct Yellow Gold & Diamond Necklace

This ornate yellow gold labyrinth inspired pendant is bead set with an attractive tanzanite pair and petite finest white diamond, and is suspended from a yellow gold trace chain.

Labyrinths date back to prehistoric times and have been part of many cultures including Greek, Celtic, Mayan and Native American. They can be considered an energetic healing tool that aids discovery of our sacred inner space and have a calming effect on those in the throes of transition. 

Round faceted tanzanite: medium bluish-purple colour, heat treated, 2 x 2.0mm 

Round brilliant cut diamond: F colour, VS clarity, 1 x 1.5mm, 0.015ct 

Chain: mirror-trace, 1.6mm, 51cm, carabine clasp

A special note on tanzanite colours: Please see the image of the loose tanzanite stones, specifically that there are a variety of hues which are determined by the amount of chromium each stone has. Tanzanite is also a pleochroic gemstone which displays different colours depending on which direction you are viewing, so each stone will display varying combinations of blue and purple. For our collection we have chosen stones that tend to be a light to medium colour with a more purple hue. It is difficult to capture these differences with photography, and therefore our images are a representation of the colour only.